Lumbricus rubellus

Professor Kurimoto ’s SHINKLEAL

A new ingredient “HLP” is used to dry the rumburg sulberus, which is the main ingredient.The most popular product developed by Professor Kurimoto.

シンクリール ! 新開発のルンブルクスルべルス乾燥末を使用、栗本教授開発製品としてNo.1の人気商品。主原料であるルンブルクスルベルス乾燥末に、新原料「HLP」を採用し、においの低減を実現しさらに食べやすくなりました。

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Professor Kurimoto ’s SHINKLEAL
Raw material name
Lumbricus rubellus、Earthworm dried powder (earthworm protein, microcrystalline cellulose), lactose (milk-derived), starch, maltose, ginseng, maltodextrin, ginseng powder, edible refined processed oil and fat, DHA & EPA-containing refined fish oil, gelatin, thickener (gum arabic) ), Caramel pigment, sodium caseinate (derived from milk), mixed tocopherol (derived from soybean), lecithin (derived from soybean)

Internal capacity
120 capsules, approx. 1-2 months 36.2g, 1 capsule 302mg, content 240mg x 120 capsules

How to eat
Consume 2 to 4 capsules per day as a guide.

Sale Price 12,500〔JPY〕


List of Delivery Days(EMS)

Area Country/Area name Average number of days
Asia Indonesia 5
India 3
Vietnam 7
Korea 3
Singapore 2
Sri Lanka 4
Thailand 2
Taiwan 2
China 5
Hong Kong 4
Pakistan 6
Bangladesh 7
Philippines 3
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Malaysia 3
Oceania Australia 4
New Zealand 4
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Canada (Montreal) 4
United States of America 5
Mexico 6
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Israel 5
Iran 4
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Turkey 8
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Austria 5
Netherlands 2
Switzerland 3
Sweden 4
Spain 4
Denmark 3
Germany 3
Hungary 3
Finland 3
France 3
Belgium 6
Poland 4
Russian Federation 5
Africa Egypt 6
Ghana 4
South America Argentina 4
Brazil 5
Peru 4

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