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Dr.Nanba Introduction of the Researcher and his History

Dr. Hiroaki Nanba (Emeritus Professor, Kobe Pharmaceutical University, visiting professor of Kagoshima University Graduate School) discovered that the polysaccharide in maitake inhibits growth of cancer cells by activating immune cells. He named this substance MD-fraction and named another substance MX-fraction, which is effective for improvement in lifestyle-related diseases.

Results obtained from the elucidation of these substances´ structures and their working mechanisms have been featured in specialized scientific journals and have gained worldwide attention after being presented at academic conferences and invited lectures not only in Japan but also in the US, Germany, Italy, South Korea, and China.

A phase II clinical trial for MD-fraction was conducted in Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center with financial support from the US government, and its effectiveness was verified.

Sulo-Icon-Kettering Cancer Hospital has been used in the MD-fraction is made in Japan.

This achievement was presented at the American Society for Clinical Oncology, and these results have been published in a cancer-specific scientific journal. For these research achievements, Dr. Nanba received an award from the American Cancer Society of Complementary Medicine and became the first recipient of the Pauling Grand Prix from the Memorial Foundation of Professor Linus Pauling, who was awarded a Nobel Prize in two fields. Dr. Nanba was later appointed as the Honorary Director of this foundation.

Dr. Hiroaki Nanba´s Comment

"I have been engaged in laboratory research on maitake for a long time. As a result, I discovered a highly distinguishing polysaccharide in maitake that is not found in other kinds of mushrooms; I named it MD-fraction.

This product, MAITAKE MD-FRACTION(Extract), MAITAKE MX-FRACTION(Tablets) contains the polysaccharide discovered in the laboratory, and its effectiveness can be expected."

What is "MD-fraction," the Maitake Extract?

MD-Fraction was discovered during a research conducted by Emeritus Professor Nanba of Kobe Pharmaceutical University in 1985.

A total of 36 types of domestic and foreign mushrooms were examined for the potential anticancer effects of their polysaccharide, and maitake showed the strongest effect.

The polysaccharide of maitake was refined into several fractions named A, B, C, and D, in order of their extraction. The last obtained "D-Fraction" showed powerful antitumor properties. This extraction was named "MD-fraction," with the M standing for maitake.

This MD-fraction has a special molecular structure that is not found in other types of mushrooms and is considered to demonstrate stronger immune effects than other mushrooms.Some potential health benefits of MD-fraction related to the immune system include inhibition of cancer growth and metastasis, disease prevention and maintenance of good health.

What is "MX-fraction," the Maitake Extract?

Similar to MD-fraction, MX-fraction is a particular polysaccharide of maitake discovered by Professor Nanba.

It was announced in 1999 that this extract is effective for the treatment of lifestyle-related diseases of the blood vascular system, and its benefits include prevention of high blood pressure, improvement of diabetes, and prevention of hyperlipemia.

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