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Fukujusen made in Japan Deer Horn Shape Ganoderma Lucidum  
Kazuno Reishi  Ganoderma lucidum Kazuno spirits

Kazuno Reishi is a rare and valuable mushroom that only appears in the natural world in only a few out of tens of thousands of Reishi mushrooms, and has a peculiar appearance resembling a deer's antlers. Ordinary reishi mushrooms have caps, but when the caps open, they scatter spores and at the same time release the active ingredients of reishi mushrooms.

Kazuno reishi mushrooms are allowed to grow as young shoots before the umbrella is formed. Harvested in the most bioenergetic state just before breeding it is harvested. β-Glucan, a component that enhances immunity The content of mushrooms is said to be extraordinarily high compared to other mushrooms. There are features.

Kazuno Reishi is a polysaccharide. Each molecular structure is large, Depending on your constitution, it may be difficult for your body to absorb it. the rest small molecular structure for proper absorption without I have to.

However, if the polysaccharides are ground too finely, they will turn into monosaccharides. Therefore, Kazuno Reishi is kept as a polysaccharide, and the molecular structure is made smaller. Pressurized hot water treatment was mentioned as a means to Law.

Pressurized hot water extraction process  What is Kazuno Reishi extract powder?

Pressurized hot water extraction is an extraction method developed through joint research between Saga University and Mizota Co., Ltd. Saga Prefecture (Japan) is famous for producing asparagus.

The inedible roots of asparagus are discarded. In the process of research to extract ethanol from the waste and reuse it, the pressurized hot water extraction process was developed.

The Kazuno Reishi Extract, which uses pressurized hot water extraction, extracts the active ingredient, β-glucan, with high efficiency. With the conventional extraction method, only a small amount of the abundant active ingredients contained in Kazuno Reishi could be extracted. We succeeded in extracting it in a form that is easily absorbed.

In addition, by using a two-step heating method, it is possible to extract not only β-glucan but also triterpenes in a single extraction. There is only one pressurized hot water treatment machine in Japan, and even if it is operated at full capacity for a month, only about 100g can be extracted.

We deliver Fukujusen from Japan, which is rich in precious and active ingredients, and contains Kazuno Reishi extract extracted from pressurized hot water.

①Function of β-glucan

attack on cancer cells

Pressurized hot water treatment Kazuno Reishi extract The water-soluble β-glucan contained in It is said to have the effect of enhancing the immune system. is included.

Foreign substances such as viruses enter the body When the leukocyte macrophage is determined to be harmful or harmless. Water-soluble β-glucan is a cancer cell are similar, and macrophages cells have invaded.

Through cytokines, transmitted to B cells, T cells, and NK cells Produces cells that attack foreign substances. Thus, water-soluble β-glucan Strengthens the body's immune system and prevents cancer cells It encourages you to fight back.

②Functions of β-glucan

Works against allergies

Triterpenes, the bitter component of reishi mushroom, suppress the excessive release of IgE antibodies in the body. IgE antibodies used to work to protect the body from parasites, but modern life with a sense of cleanliness, It is said that the effect has changed due to changes in eating habits.

This IgE antibody Excessive action can lead to various allergies. With the action of triterpenes extracted with high efficiency by the pressurized hot water extraction process, Lugie reaction is suppressed. including hay fever and atopic dermatitis.various Effective for allergic diseases.

Improvement cases of various symptoms

Kazuno Reishi has the function of normalizing the immune function, so it is effective against lifestyle-related diseases, nerve function, It is said to be effective for hemorrhoids and alveolar pyorrhea. It also has the effect of promoting blood circulation It is said that there is, and it is also effective for high blood pressure and low blood pressure. The power of Kazuno Reishi is human It enhances the immune system and promotes the work of curing physical disorders.

What is calcined calcium?

Calcined calcium is calcium derived from shellfish that has been calcined using a special manufacturing method (patented technology).

Calcined calcium itself is a common supplement material, but it is made with patented technology. The calcined calcium of Fukujusen has a strong antioxidant effect and a strong alkaline effect. I have. Prepare a bottle containing only tap water and a bottle containing tap water mixed with calcined calcium. Put one nail in each jar and leave it for 3 days. As soon as I did, the bottle of tap water turned red. Rust occurred, but the bottle mixed with calcined calcium has a strong antioxidant action. I don't see any rust at all.

Fukujusen made in Japan Deer Horn Shape Ganoderma Lucidum
 Kazuno Reishi  Ganoderma lucidum Kazuno spirits
■ Product name: Fukujusen
■ Name: Pressurized hot water treated Reishi tablets
■ Nutrient information display

Energy ...6.64 kcal Protein ...0.02g Lipid ...0.02g Carbohydrates ...1.57g Sodium ...0.39mg

■Indication of ingredients Kazuno Reishi Extract ...12mg (Patented product for pressurized hot water treatment) Fermented Reishi mushroom ...1,080mg Calcined calcium ...60mg (Patented product)

■ Contents 180 grains: 54g [1 grain weight 300mg x 180 grains] (Approx. 1-2 months supply)

■How to serve Take 3 to 6 tablets a day as a guide, with water or lukewarm water Enjoy your meal.

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