Senseiro from Japan cancer immunotherapy Lifestyle diseases Tumor suppressor Immune Defense of Agaricus

Senseiro Agaricus made in japan

Senseiro has strenthened ABMK-22. Furthermore, raised usefulness.
cancer immunotherapy .

 We will send overseas Senseiro Agaricus from Japan.

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Senseiro Agaricus Standard Powder
アガリクス茸仙生露顆粒スタンダード 〔manufacturer/ S・S・I〕

Place of Origin: Japan (100% Agaricus Blazei)

contents 1,200mg×30bags

Suggested Usage Take1~3bags per day.

Sale Price $125 〔USD〕

Senseiro Agaricus Gold Powder  
アガリクス茸仙生露顆粒ゴールド〔manufacturer/ S・S・I〕
Place of Origin: Japan (100% Agaricus Blazei)

contents 1,800mg×30bags

Suggested Usage Take1~3bags per day.

Sale Price $175 〔USD〕