Sparassis crispa MH-3  β- glucan Anti-cancer effect 

Have been used in this product, "sparassis MH-3" is a bacteria (Ltd.) Minaherusu . was studied cultivation, is a fungus that reported in 2000 the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Agency of Industrial Science and Technology Biotechnology Institute.

The β-glucan that is included in the general sparassis is 42 ~ 43g in 100g, but this product "sparassis" with your own improved process, will contain 61.9g of the β-glucan in 100g. During this product 4 tablets contain β-glucan 220mg.

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Sparassis crispa 120Doublet made in Japan
Sparassis powder [Made in Japan]、Dextrin、cellulose

Nutritional Information〔100g〕
61.9gof theβ-glucan

Suggested Usage

Sale Price $175 〔USD〕

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